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Set of name tags for children for school 50 stickers and 32 iron-on stickers

It doesn't matter if you have a first-grader or a fifth-grader at home - signed things have a better chance of not getting lost, and if they do, it will be easier to find them! The set of name tags for schoolchildren is ideal for labeling all school supplies, stationery or sports supplies, as well as clothes. It contains not only self-adhesive name tags, but also iron-on stickers. The largest stickers from the set can be used, for example, as address labels for school, sports or travel bags.

Set includes:

  • 18 pcs of two-line stickers with a size of 50x11 mm
  • 30 pcs of single-line stickers for stationery, size 50×08 mm
  • 6 pcs of up to four-line stickers (for notebooks, for example) with a size of 50x20 mm
  • 32 pcs of double-row iron-ons, size 37×31 mm

TIP! If you do not use all the text lines offered for the stickers, just delete the unused text on the line and the text size will automatically increase and at the same time be centered on the center of the sticker. This will give you a single-line text.

Instructions for Use

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50 x 11 mm
18pcs Stickers
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50 x 08 mm
30pcs Stickers
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50 x 20 mm
6pcs Stickers
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