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Stickers for all occasions

Stickers for all occasions

When I think back to the first moment I thought of starting a company to produce self-adhesive name tags, labels and stickers is when I managed to ruin many quite expensive kitchen containers with permanent marker.

As you are probably well aware, when you need to buy  stickers or labels for the kitchen  most  shops only have a few really small sets. Even though they are relatively cheap, they usually don’t fit, the color is off or even what is written on them is wrong. It’s possible to find and download stickers and labels online but they aren’t printed on adhesive paper. Yet again  we’re back to those unfortunate permanent markers!

I was also really influenced by our experience with our kid’s schools, especially our youngest son. I noticed stickers and labels on the clothes and school supplies of one classmate. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that it was small stickers and iron-on labels, and they were a clever solution to our eternal problem of our kid’s things winding up in the lost and found. I whipped out my wallet and ordered them from France and indeed it worked! Now my children, because of the color of the name tags on their clothes and accessories, they are easily recognized by others and as well as from each other, but most of all  it’s great when kind friends can return their things when the rascals forget them somewhere. So I shouted Eureka! I decided to create a website for all those like me (and those who aren’t): 1. Practical and quality labeling of all the possible and seemingly impossible according to your tastes and requirements, 2. Simple and intuitive design and ordering process 3. The option to order a small amount of labels at a reasonable price.

It was an enormous challenge, but finally we established an original and completely unique shop In the Czech Republic it is one of a kind.On the website, you can design your own stickers - Simply select the size, shape, color, pattern and font. On each individual sticker for household, kitchen or office (or whatever you can imagine) you can print any original text.

At you can find even more: even though it sounds trivial there is actually a science to sticking stickers and adhesive name tags. Only the correct procedure and technique can assure success. Stickers require a bit more than just a dry surface and ten seconds under the iron. Detailed descriptions and training videos can be found for each product.

I hope you find our e-shop a truly fun and satisfying experience!

Katerina Havlenova