Stickers for shoes for children

Instructions for applying self-adhesive nametags:

To allow the labels to stay in place as long as possible, always apply them on clean, dry, grease free surfaces. You also can  extend the life of the labels by applying it to a  flat, smooth area:

1. Remove the sticker from the backing sheet and place it on the selected location.

2. After applying the label press down firmly on it. After the object is labeled do not try to move it around or attempt to find out if the sticker holds or can be peeled off. The label may be easily moved or removed immediately after application. The adhesive on the back of the label must first solidify sufficiently before the label will hold.

3. Wait at least 12 hours before placing items in the dishwasher, washing machine or microwave.

Children's self-adhesive labels are made from a PVC film which is flexible and has excellent adhesion on uneven surfaces. It can also be used to label ponchos or pencil cases. Apply closely to the texture of the surface and using your fingernail press the label into the folds of the item.