Stickers for an independent child (square)

The stickers are washable and microwave safe. They are made of material harmless to health. The advantage of polyester film is its resistance to abrasion during daily use (e.g. in the kitchen), but also to grease and other influences. If you follow our recommendations, you will achieve the maximum lifetime of the sticker. On the other hand, you will certainly appreciate that, unlike paper labels, this type of sticker can be easily and completely removed from cans or jars.

  1. Always apply the stickers to a clean, non-greasy and dry surface.
  2. After applying the sticker, press firmly for a few seconds. Air bubbles do not form, but if they do, push them towards the edge of the sticker.
  3. Wait at least 12 hours before washing or putting the marked item in the microwave. Do not try to see if the sticker can be peeled off. The glue on the underside of the label needs time to set! That's the only way the sticker will adhere well to the surface and will hold permanently.