Labels for storage boxes


The self-adhesive labels are dishwasher and microwave safe and are made from a non-toxic material. One advantage of the polyester film is its resistance to abrasion during everyday use, such as in the kitchen but also against grease and factors. By following these instructions you can achieve the maximum life for the labels. In contrast to paper labels or stickers you will appreciate how easily our labels are taken off.

1.  Always apply the labels to a clean, dry and grease free surfaces.

2. After applying a label, hold it for a few seconds to press firmly. Air bubbles should not form but if they do, simply press them towards the edge of the sticker

3. After application, wait at least 12 hours before you put the labeled item in the dishwasher or microwave. Do not attempt to peel off the labels. The adhesive on the back of the label needs time to set! If the label is placed well on a surface it will have a long-lasting application.

Warning: it may occur that when you first use the dishwasher the label may peel or move. Do not be alarmed, simply return it to its original position and repeat.